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Utah’s Top Local Wedding Venues

Discover Your Style

Do you love the rustic look? Are you more traditional or unconventional? Do you prefer a barn setting or a formal hall? Take a look through our vendors to find the style that you are looking for. We have plenty of options. We want you to love what you choose!

Individualize Your Needs

Now that you have your style, let's get all the details right! How many guests will you be expecting to come? Will the venue provide catering, do they allow outside caterers? What type of sound equipment or usable space do you need?

Find The Right One

You’ve got the style and the details all figured out! Now, which venue is going to fit those needs?There are plenty of options to choose from! Search our vendor list and find the right one for your wedding, budget, style, and location!

Additional Considerations

Choosing a venue can be a daunting task. There are so many options with wide price variations! Don’t let the sheer amount of options overwhelm you. Once you have a clear picture of what you want out of your venue, you can use our filtering options to help narrow your choices. 

The first consideration needs to be how many people will be coming to your reception. You want to make sure that the venue will have enough seats, standing room, and dancing room! Venues come in all kinds of sizes. Just because it looks beautiful, does not mean that it will actually work for your wedding. You’ll need to confirm with one of their staff, the capacity of each venue you are interested in. 

Now that you have identified the size of the venue, you need to finalize your budget. The wedding budget can easily be blown away by renting a venue. Stick to your guns. You can have a beautiful wedding and reception without having to spend outlandishly. We pride ourselves in providing you with as many options as possible with a wide variety of pricing. Use our price filter to focus on the budget you are comfortable with and go from there!

Now comes the fun part! Take time to look through the options that are available after you have put in the appropriate filtering options. You can add your favorites to your wish-list and come back to them later. Look through the vendors images and find the venue that will match the style and experience you are looking for. You can easily ask for a quote on the vendors listing page, or give them a call. Start searching today!