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Discover Your Style

If you are placing your wedding in the hands of a Wedding Planner it is very important that you know what you want your wedding to be like. You’ll be communicating the style of your big day to them a lot depending on which kind of Wedding Planner you get.

Individualize Your Needs

How much help do you need? There are a couple different Wedding Planners that assist you with different aspects of the wedding from planning the majority of it to helping out with the Wedding Day alone. We’ll make this a breeze for you so you can get started!

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Depending on the type of Wedding Planner you hire the price of hiring one varies. Wedding Planners you hire for planning and coordinating the majority of the wedding will charge more than weekend-of planners. Let’s get you started so you can stop stressing out!

Additional Considerations

We’re sure you know how stressful planning a wedding can be. There is a reason companies and others hire event planners to take care of their big showcases and parties. Weddings are not different. There are a ton of factors that go into making a great wedding and it can be really tough juggling all of them alone. Some do it better than others and some have no idea where to start. By using our listings of we can help you find the perfect Wedding Planner to make sure your Wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of!

First you need to know how much help you need. There are a couple different Wedding Planners out there. The difference is predominantly in how much of the wedding they handle. There are full service Wedding Planners that work with you from start to finish on every detail of the wedding. Then there are the month-of-planners, weekend-of-planners and even day-of-planners. These types of planners usually handle details you’ve already decided on and have set in motion to ensure that they are executed properly while you are busy with other factors of your life and wedding. They take care of certain things like make sure your vendors have everything they need to fulfill their contracts properly, organizing set up and take down of supplies and decorations at the venue, welcoming guests and ensuring each detail you wanted is accounted for. 

There are Destination Wedding Planners as well that take care of weddings held out of the country. These Planners are absolutely essential when planning a wedding in another country. They’ll give you everything you’ll need from booking your venue for you to providing necessary information about the country such as hotel recommendations and weather. 

Each Wedding Planner will charge based on their type. The ones you hire for more work will be more expensive to hire and the ones hired for smaller amounts of time will be less expensive. Be sure to reach out to the Wedding Planners you are considering hiring to make sure you feel comfortable working with them and to talk about their experience planning other weddings.