Custom Made Wedding Invitations

Find Local Vendors to Create Beautiful and Unique Wedding Invitations

Discover Your Style

What do you want your invitation to look like? What materials do you want used? It’s important to know exactly what style your wedding will have so your invitations can accurately portray the feel of your wedding. Our vendors can make your perfect invitation!

Individualize Your Needs

Making the perfect invitation for your wedding depends on the events planned and who will be attending these events. Are you having a Luncheon? Who are you inviting to the ring ceremony? Whatever the combination our vendors have you covered!

Find the Right One

There are plenty of local designers listed on our website with incredible talent! Use our filtering tools to find the designer with the right skills and prices. While you're searching use the Wishlist tool to save your favorites!

Additional Considerations

Your invitation is the first taste your guests will get of your special day. Your Wedding Invitations should accurately portray the style and feel of your wedding to your guests. Our Vendors are able to create beautiful custom wedding invitations and our website will make it easy to find the designer you feel is right for the job. The creative process can be very fun and enjoyable. You just have to be able to communicate what you want to your designer. What is the style of your wedding? Do you have any Pinterest Boards to share with them? Do you already have an idea of what you want your design to look like? Do you have a photo you want as a part of the invitation? The more you have decided beforehand the quicker they can begin designing your invitations and the sooner you’ll get them.

Now for the tricky part. You need to determine how many invitations you’ll need and which of those guests will be going to multiple events. When thinking about this, consider how many people your Venue can hold. How many separate events will you be hosting? Will you be hosting a Luncheon, Bridal Showers, the Marriage Ceremony and Reception or only some of these? Who are you inviting to each of the events? This is important so your designer knows which and how many inserts to create. These inserts act as separate invitations for each event you want specific guest to attend. See how this part gets complicated. Don’t worry, by using our GuestList tool you can organize a guest list for each event seamlessly so you know exactly who will be invited to which events. 

Plus, the sooner you figure out all of the aspects and speak to your vendor, the sooner you will receive your invitations with enough time to send them out to everyone! It is crucial to have your invitations sent out at least 5-7 weeks before your big day as to give adequate time for your guests to RSVP. 

We are dedicated to making this process simple for you and helping you stay within your budget. To help you stay in budget here are some other things to review. Will you have your designer print your invitations or will you have them send you the design so you can print them elsewhere? What material do you want your invitations printed on? These are just a couple of things to talk to your designer about when asking for a quote? Our vendors have the attention to detail you’re looking! What are you waiting for lets get started!