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Discover Your Style

Food is such an important part of our lives and can be such a wonderful addition to any wedding. Think of your favorite type of food and see if it’ll work for your big day! Do you love Italian and want a pizza food truck? Do you crave French cuisine to add class to your reception? Perfect! We’ll help you find exactly what you want with our list of vendors.

Individualize Your Needs

We want your day to be precisely what you’ve envisioned and our caterers can help you with your cuisine needs! Things to think about are how many guests you’ll need to serve, if you want to offer vegetarian and vegan options, if your venue will allow outside catering or if they offer their own and if you want more than one type of food.

Find the Right One

With our list of caterers you’ll be able to search through a variety of styles of food and pricing options that will fit your exact needs. If you narrow it down to Mexican food but need to decide which one will work best for you, check the reviews from other couples and request quotes to make your decision making simple!

Additional Considerations

You want your day to be as smooth as you’ve always imagined it and one of the things that makes an event great is the catering.  Not only does getting a caterer help you relieve some stress by allowing others to work for you, but it also provides you with professional and delicious food options for you and your guests. There are many things to consider when picking a caterer to make it right for your wedding. 

Not all caterers are created equal. Some caterers focus on smaller scale venues while others are capable of serving large areas and groups. When looking for a caterer you should always make sure to get down into the specifics of your event before planning out an entire menu. Speaking of the menu, some caterers have standard menus that you are able to choose from without much flexibility. This might be a great option for someone who loves all types of food and is looking to simplify their planning. Other caterers allow couples to organize and customize a menu for their guests that is unique to their theme or dietary needs. If you already know that you will need special modifications to fit your wedding dinner and reception, search out a caterer that is known for allowing such changes. 

Something else that could be important to you is sampling the food before actually committing to a specific caterer. If this is you, find a caterer that is willing to set up tastings for you and go over the menu and possible changes. Be prepared to pay a fee for these tastings but also know that it is a small price to pay when picking the caterer that will make your food dreams come true. During these tastings take note of presentation, the service from the staff and of course, the taste of everything. If the effort put in during a tasting is what you’re looking for, choosing a caterer will be much easier and worry free when you do make your final decision.