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All you have to do is personalize your checklist, find the vendors that suit your style, let us get you one or multiple quotes to make your life a breeze and you’re officially planning your dream wedding!

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Will you want a wedding video along with photos? Do you need the cake to feed 200 guests? Do you need a wedding website? Focus on the services that you know are must-haves for your wedding and let our lists help you weed through the choices without the frustrations!

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Do you have a crazy busy schedule as it is? Do you have so little time planning a wedding that you forget things here and there? Let us be there for you so that you can focus without losing your mind!

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Weddings are all about the details and that can be stressful for anyone. Did you know you can pick the color of your tablecloths or design of the groomsmen boutonnieres? Whether you have had every detail planned out for years or you need to start with planning the very first thing, we’ve got you covered!

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When it comes to weddings, they can get pricey. We are all about making your wedding your way. With vendor’s pricing available to you through personalized quotes, we can help you plan exactly what you want without breaking the bank

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Local Wedding Market is the place for those who want to make wedding planning easy and fun! As a company we love the beauty of simplicity. We saw a need to help reduce stress and make wedding planning as easy as could be. You have so many things to think of when planning a wedding, why shouldn’t they all be in one place to help you? Bringing everything you need into one place with our vendors, we want to make your dream wedding a reality with less worry and more celebrating! All you have to do is check out our lists of vendors, find what works best for you and choose what you love. We’ll make the connections for you, get personalized quotes from multiple vendors, and get you on your way to your perfect day!


Most people haven’t planned a wedding before they start planning their own. Little things could be forgotten or confusing when going through the never-ending checklist items. When you are able to see your options right in front of you with descriptions, designs, photos and all the other information that you could need, things get simpler. Do you know what style of wedding photos you want but don’t want to track down ten different photographers to check out their style and affordability? Easy! Go to our photography vendor list and you’ll have everything you need right before your eyes! Choose your ideal style of photos, see the examples, get a quote and lock down your photographer with just a few clicks! We’re here to make your wedding uncomplicated and stunning!

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